Welcome To Glory of Zion Int'l Liberation Centre

  • Evang. & (Mrs.) Ben Chinonso

    We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to Glory of Zion International Liberation Centre, Abuja. We pray that you shall experience God in a new way as you fellowship with us in any of our services

Our Brief History

  • Glory of Zion International Liberation Center[GOZILC]

    , a.k.a Glory Camp is Jesus' Church, headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria, with Benedict Chinonso Ajah and AnnChidimna Judith Ajah as the Vision Pioneers. It is a place of divine encounters where men camps around God and His glory camps around them. Decked with Liberation Mandate to liberate the world from the oppressive holds of the devil and restore humanity to stamps of honour and marks of dignity via the word of faith and strategic spiritual warfare. Driven by passion for God, the Ministry is actively involved in evangelization through crusades, conventions, conferences, camp meetings, seminars, youth empowerment programs, campus revival meetings, relationship and leadership development, outreaches, etc. Also we run monthly outreach empowerment programmes tagged Rivers of Prophecy every third Saturday of the month, to empower widows, orphans and the less privilege in the society through our NGO - Jesus the Shepherd of the hopeless empowerment foundation(JESHEF). Check www.jeshef.org

  • In 1988, Ben Chinonso Ajah had his first encounter with Christ as teenager in Enugu State, Nigeria. Schooled in Makurdi, Benue State, and moved to Plateau State in 1997. In the month of March, 1998, there was an unusual divine visitation from heaven around 3am, and the Lord woke him up from sleep and he saw two Angels standing in front of him, wearing a cloud-like garment and one of them asked him, "why are you running away from God? Do you know that Jesus loves you and died for your sins? He tried to answer but could not say a word. Then the Angel said to him, tomorrow fast 6am to 12pm for forgiveness of sins and spiritual strength. That God would make you a great man and use you to save the lost". As soon as He finished speaking, they vanished from his sight. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he prayed and thought over these instructions till 6am in the morning. This was a divine interception to other personal plans he had. Thence forth, he did as directed and noticed the Mighty Hand of the Lord on his life. Passion for the lost was birthed and ignited in his heart which sparked revival in the entire land and many souls were won to the Lord and established in the faith.
  • Glory of Zion International Liberation Center is a Spiritual Refinery where the weak and the feeble are revived, reinvigorated, ruggedized and 'firerized' to bear the aroma of Christ in nations as God's end time agenda of aligning men to His Will. GOZILC is God's habitation where sinners are saved, the sick are healed, the oppressed are delivered, men and women from all walks of life find solace and direction in His Presence to fulfill destiny. God told His servant Ben C. Ajah that the grasses are green and flocks of sheep shall come in from the four cardinal points of the earth to graze and lay down to rest(Psalm23:1-3). That the members of this commission shall be mighty on the earth in all sphere of life. As a matter of fact, divine mantles has turned paupers to city takers, to the glory of God(Psalm112:2). It's a place of safety and divine exemption from evil and wickedness that bedevils people in the world. Distance is not a barrier hence connection is key to collection and GOZILC is coming near you.
  • In a nutshell, diverse supernatural encounters, angelic visitations and experiences at several fronts with God culminated and metamorphosed into a global vision after he had 72 hours of encounters with Christ on Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd December, 2015. The Lord told him, I am sending you as help to humanity, to liberate mankind from the oppression of the devil. He said to him as the Father has sent me, I am sending you(John20:21). That the Ministerial Mandate shall burn and spread like fire. That it will pass through the rocks and nothing shall stand against it, and go through the forest and there shall be no hindrance. God told him raise for me heavenly minded people with passion and purpose, walking in holiness and righteousness(Joel 2:2-5). They started with weekdays meetings and monthly camp meetings, and testimonies of miracles, healing, deliverance and salvation of souls that flows are rare and unusual to the glory of God.